Theatre-Maker and Button-Pusher


I've been involved in the arts as long as I can remember.  In grade school, I joined choir (Baritone/Tenor) and orchestra (Violin), band (another Baritone), musicals, and drama club. In college, I began directing shows. At that time, I also discovered a passion for arts management.

Similarly, I have always loved technology. In every arts organization I've worked with, I've quickly become the resident tech-guy. My favorite thing is finding ways to automate processes and free up their time to focus on the work they want to do. 


About Me 

I'm an east coast (Upstate NY) native living in the pacific northwest (Seattle.) Pursuing a graduate degree from Seattle University.

A lover of laser tag, and a secret singer of showtunes.

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Banner Photo by Bill Allen on Unsplash